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No More Uncle – Anshul Purohit (Author), Set Dheeraj (Author)


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No More Uncle – Anshul Purohit (Author), Set Dheeraj (Author) (Old/Bargain)|The book traverses full circle of a professionals corporate life. Starting his journey as a young, vibrant, energetic and ambitious go getter — who once was passionate to become someone like his icons — after few years becomes a lost face in the crowd, as yet another mundane UNCLE. Though our Uncle has done well in terms of acquiring social status, wealth and position, he begins to experience certain hollowness in his life. Haunted by stress, insecurities and boredom in his career, he begins to realize that he is paying the price of success by taking sundry pressures everyday. He wants to break free, regain his lost zeal and free will. Desperate to reclaim his life, he starts to look around for a fresh outlook and a new perspective. At this stage, he accidentally meets KEN WATSON (U.S. multi-millionaire and a success Icon). In KEN he discovers an individual who is not only climbing higher ladders of success everyday, but also one living a rich, fun-filled life with abundant time in his pocket. UNCLE is surprised! He keenly seeks to unravel the secret behind this. Ken, a rags-to-riches success story, shares with him a radical and practical methodology by which an UNCLE can break his jinx and turn around his fortunes. Why and how does one get trapped in such a quagmire in one’s career and life? How does one come out of it? Ken handholds UNCLE into understanding reasons for his present state and fears, and their eventual resolution. Profit from Ken’s simple, practical and highly-effective techniques (GD Quadrants, Bursting The Extra Balls). So if you don’t want to become a lost Uncle in your career and life, or want to come out if you already are, read No More Uncle..

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