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New York Corona Diary – Laxmi Shrestha

न्यूयोर्क कोरोना डायरी – लक्ष्मी श्रेष्ठ


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New York Corona Diary – Laxmi Shrestha | The New York Corana Diary is a memoir of Laxmi Shrestha. While the world was singing mourning songs for disease, hunger and grief due to Corona, Lakshmi engraved the patterns of time. The past can also be a lesson for the future in some contexts. Time does not always run smoothly. Grief is not always lasting. In this sense, if the moments of sorrow can be put into words, even when one remembers sorrow during happiness, a different kind of happiness is created. If you can save your life in a crisis, even after remembering the pains of the crisis after the crisis is over, the mind becomes a wave of happiness. Putting sorrows into words is not only a record of suffering, but also an example of living comfortably in both light and dark aspects of life.

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