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Nepal’s Politics Of Referendum – Lok Raj Baral


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Nepal’s Politics Of Referendum – Lok Raj Baral | The book presents a coherent picture of all the relevant issues, trends and personalities dominating the political scenario of Nepal, especially since the mid-1970s. The contributory factors for the national referendum, the interaction between the forces inimical to and supportive of the partyless Panchayat System, the politics of constitution making and the third amendment to the constitution have also been systematically dealt with. While discussing the nation-wide referendum result going for the current Panchayat System, which is viewed by many as a reassertion of status quo, Professor Baral holds the view that the forces absorbed by it and the first panchayat general election were the greatest democratic exercises since the first parliamentary election of 1959. Again, the author establishes the fact that though monarchy and democratic development are contradictory, in the post-1979 political context of Nepal they appear to be complementary to one another. Based on basic source materials published during and after the referendum, and a number of interviews conducted by the author, the book will appeal to the students of politics, history and general readers alike,

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