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Nepal’s Failed Development – Devendra Raj Panday


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Nepal’s Failed Development – Devendra Raj Panday | It is a testimony to Devendra Raj Panday’s erudition, critical reflections, and deep insights that even after over twenty years of its first publication in 1999 Nepal’s Failed Development reads like a thoughtful contemporary commentary on Nepal’s development malaise and challenges.
The author was a bureaucrat turned critic in the ancien regime and became a minister under the new dispensation following his activism in the movement for restoration of democracy (MRD).
The book is inspired by social conscience and faith that Nepal need not remain poor and shackled by bad government. It is a bold vision given the general despondency generated by the current malaise. There should be others too, who like Devendra Raj Panday care and dare about the country’s destiny. One hopes that this book will generate debate and discussion on the viable development path for Nepal that should go beyond Ke garne and quo vadis.

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