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Nepal-India Relations – Amar B Lama Tamang


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Nepal-India Relations – Amar B Lama Tamang | Due to geo-political, ethno-cultural, socio-economic, historical, and strategic considerations, Nepal-India Relations have prima facie always remained in the annals of the history of South Asia. Many scholars have made their meticulous efforts through research to assess, explore, analyze, and recommend necessary corrigenda for improving and enhancing the sometimes smooth, and sometimes complex, weather-like, bilateral relations between the two countries. In this perspective, one more painstaking research at hand has been added by Dr. Amar B Lama Tamang in his book Nepal-India Relations in the Changing Context: Complexities and Opportunities. Naturally, the title of the book connotes the author’s focus on the challenges and the opportunities resulted by the frequent paradigm shifts on pragmatic approaches of Nepal and India’s long-established foreign policies towards each other, while implementing them in the changing context of time, history, systems, governments, regional and global , geo-proximities, status quos, and leaderships.

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