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Nepal Himalaya – H.W. Tilman (Old And Rare)


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?A writer of travels, by the title he gives his book, should not promise more than he performs.?
HW Tilman
Tucked into this incredible book of travel and climbing is the veteran author-traveller climber, the lover of men and all kinds of solitude, Tilman with his wit and allusions. And as if to certify credibility there are a number of photographs of his own taken on these various journeys. Tilman’s passages make the readers wade through wet forests, toil up, or down unwillingly, thro?gh slime, nettles, bears, horseflies, leeches, sodden firewood, fern festooned trees and dripping bamboos. So lively and powerful is the narrative…
Tilman is one of the most read on this subject and treated as an authority of the same.
?Tilman’ is one of our three leading explorers, he has devoted his life to mountain exploration… His name has become a synonym for hardihood… He has a terse and suptle style equal to the describing of great scenery or of men’s endurance and audacity, and a pungent wit…?
-Geoffrey Winthrop Young in Time and Tide.
?…a man of intelligence and sensibility doing precisely what he most wants to do?.
-Janet Adam Smith in The New Statesman and Nation
Nepal Himalaya – H.W. Tilman (Old And Rare)

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