Nepal At The Verge Of Capitalism – Gopi Lal Neupane


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Nepal At The Verge Of Capitalism – Gopi Lal Neupane | This book entitled, “Nepal at the verge of capitalism” draws the attention of readers towards the deep down layers of poverty, instability, uncertainty, and chaos for the last six decades’ modern history of Nepal. The author has consciously selected and delight- fully presented the subject matters which are often ignored but significant for prosperity and l?berty. The method of writing that is infused into the pages of this book is most consistently based on his experiences. The author has gained knowledge for these thought-provoking ideas through series of lectures in universities’ classes and dialogue with the public. This author, who is established as a critical thinker and political analyst in Nepal, talks on radio and television program accumulate such exciting experiences and develops ideas that are expected to shift the political course of Nepal. What he has presented in this book is the new ideas for Nepal. The author has supported market capitalism as the way out to escape from poverty and statism. As a re-known psychologist, educator, and public speaker, he does justice to readers of all kinds who are hunger for prosperity; who want to escape from generational poverty, and who want more capital and better life than ever before. contributes a better understanding of philosophical courses of ‘capitalism’ and its opposite ‘socialism’. They both are rivalry political and economic schools of thought that they stand at the opposite end, This publication believes that the idea generates in capitalism and dies in socialism.


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