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Navindristhima Prachin Nepalko Itihaas – Kedarnath Pradhan


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Navindristhima Prachin Nepalko Itihaas – Kedarnath Pradhan | Born in Banepa, Kedarnath Pradhan is a nationally renowned personality from Kavrebhumi who has succeeded as an educational personality, historian and writer by providing continuous writing services in education, history, research and literature. Kedarnath Pradhan, the founder of Kavre Multipurpose Campus, Campus Head, a connoisseur of Nepali history, a social worker and an advisor to Kavreli Sahitya Sangam.

A successful historian to spread a new vision in Nepali historiography, a researcher of strong history to study the human potential of the Mahabharata, a seeker of new ideas by writing a simple and new Nepal introduction, a scholar to discover the origin and origins of primitive man, historian of ancient history of Nepal in new vision. . He has also excavated the history of Banepa and Kavre.

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