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Napoleon Bonaparte: The Little Corporal – P. K. Das


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Napoleon Bonaparte: The Little Corporal – P. K. Das|About the Book: Napoleon Bonaparte The Little Corporal Napoleon Bonaparte, The Little Corporal, as he was known, wastohave great might in all his endeavors and has become one ofthemost studied personages of the 18th and 19th centuries. He has been described in terms of enthusiastic praiseandexaggerated condemnation. It is ever thus with individuals whobytalent or favourable circumstances are raised abovetheirfellow-creatures. Napoleons carrier as an army is a great paradox. He canbeconsidered as the greatest general of war for the time of himuntiltoday. Tactics that he used to win battles were gorgeous,organizedand well planned. Unfortunately, Napoleon was failed toorganizestrategies in root. Confusion, egoism, and desire werescrambled inhim, led failure of his invasion mission in Egypt andRussia. Ascompared to Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan and TamerLane whowere succeeded in every battle they went, NapoleonBonaparte cannotbe considered as the first class warrior butEgomaniac Napoleon canbe considered as Hitler the Second.

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