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My School on the Hill (Rupa) – Ruskin Bond


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?After class hours, or whenever I was free, I would slip into the library and sit amongst these hundreds of books, reading them, arranging them, cataloguing them or just being with them. Here I made many lifelong friends.?

There are many who as they grow older, long to reach out to their friends from school. And then there are others who are lucky enough to have friends from school as a constant presence in their life. As we grow older and embrace (or at least try to) the myriad aspects of adult life, we often like to look back at our school days and reminisce about ?simpler times?. The bonds we make in school are some of the most cherished relationships of our life, and are often what brings us solace on a hard day.

In My School on the Hill, Ruskin Bond brings us a collection of short stories that remind us of the beauty, the excitement, the joy, the confusion and the love we felt as schoolgoing children. From cricket matches in random empty fields, to Boy Scouts adventures, to finding peace in the quiet school library?this book has something for anyone looking for a moment of joy.
My School on the Hill (Rupa) – Ruskin Bond

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