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Mrs Bhushan To The Rescue – Ruskin Bond


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Mr Bhushan left his office at 5 o’clock sharp. It was time for tea and a dish of hot, fresh paneer

pakoras. As he walked down the gravel path to his house, a strange sight met his protruding

eyes. On the verandah were Mrs Bhushan and the maidservant, a bucket of water between them,

and they were giving a bath to-surely it wasn’t a donkey?’

What compares to the feeling of coming home to a wagging tail, enthusiastic barks and long sloppy

licks? Or to the purring of a cat sleeping on your belly? It is the four-legged friends that bring out

the child in us. No matter how bleak a day, how grey an evening or how bland a week, it is these

friends that add colour to life! In Mrs Bhushan to the Rescue, with the story titled the same that has

never appeared in print before, Ruskin Bond brings us a mixed bag of stories. From furry friends

to finding yourself to be your biggest ally-these are stories about characters that turn an otherwise

grey life into bright, sunny hues.
Mrs Bhushan To The Rescue – Ruskin Bond

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