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Mount Kailash And The Wonder Lake – P.C. Bodh (Old And Rare)


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Kailash, navel of the world, home of the gods, inaccessible, inhospitable, isolated, source of great rivers, is a jewel on the horizon.
To journey to this mountain shrine is no easy undertaking. Great hardship, toil and danger await the pilgrims. Trekking through all terrain, sheer-sided canyons and raging rivers. Crossing high passages on the roof of the world. Sweltering heat, monsoon rains and icy blasts, all will connive to halt the pious party.
To Kailash, this is a journey from the plains of India through 17,000 feet of altitude to the plateau uplands of Tibet. A sacred journey, a journey of the heart, a poetic journey, a journey to meet the gods.
To see the shining water of Lake Mansarovar, to glance on holy Gurla Mandhata, to encircle the holiest of holies, Mount Kailash. This is the dream of the pilgrim party.
And what of the character along the way, of the sadhu and the pilgrims, all searching, looking devout. Will they find their own path to enlightenment and their god?
Follow in the footsteps of P.C. Bodh in this enlightened, poetic verse. The story of a pilgrim seeking out the holy jewel – Mount Kailash.
? Bob Gibson
Mount Kailash And The Wonder Lake – P.C. Bodh (Old And Rare)

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