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Mandala the Mystical Diagram of Hinduism – J.R. Santiago


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You are on the threshold of an amazing discovery
with this book. It deals mainly with a form of worship, which has for a long time remained secret, except for a few
initiates. In composition the mandala is simply a diagram
with geometrical pattern, but it is holistic in approach, and deals with the individual as well as the universal aspects of life. It is vast in concept, it involves philosophy, science, technology and psychology of the phenomenal universe and of
life. The mandala conceptual framework of creation can be compared with the Big Bang theory. It is therefore, a subject that will interest physicists, cosmologists, and anyone with a scientific or
philosophical bent of mind. This overview of mystical worship, intricate and
complex, is intriguing yet stimulating. As a spiritual model, simple in design, the wisdom revealed by the madala, far exceeds
Mandala the Mystical Diagram of Hinduism – J.R. Santiago

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