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Man From Nepal – Aditya Man Shrestha


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Man From Nepal, though essentially an autobiography, is the story of an atypically unconventional man’s tryst with destiny. Throughout this volume the journalist author, Aditya Man Shrestha, deals with a diverse range of his personal triumphs and tragedies with, admittedly, an overdose of sexual escapades, which a reader may not be too willing to swallow. But the interesting fact is the descriptions are so vivid and frank, it will be impossible for any reader not to be impressed by the author’s honesty and candour, and his ability to share what no Nepali dares do in public.

It appears the author has, willy-nilly, broken the myth surrounding the much-vaunted Hindu edict of family first and last and no extra-marital sexual contact when the spouse is alive. Readers would be rather at a loss to comprehend as to how his wife, a loyal Hindu lady, must have taken it when the author first announced his intention to write this no-holds-bar book. One has to read the book, start to finish, to get an idea of what a Nepali of humble and innocuous beginning is capable of doing given the freedom, opportunity and, of course, some resources.

The autobiography is rich in narration of all kinds of experiences that can easily tally with anybody’s. His struggle to get education at his remote and backward village in the western hills of Nepal presents a rather poignant story but his determination to succeed, come what may, finally earns him a Colombo Plan scholarship to Saugor University in India. Shrestha’s recounting of his Saugor, and earlier Banaras, days are fascinating as they include, among others, infatuation for a Bengali girl who never ever rose above the platonic level.
Man From Nepal, in addition to being a thoroughly absorbing work, is a commentary on the South Asian psyche. For no unpardonable fault of his, one can be subjected to severe punishment on the basis of hear-says. Those who mete out undeserved penalties on flimsy, trumped-up charges are hardly ever brought to book, let alone publicly chastised. Aditya’s is a saga of ironies, and achievements as well. It is an inner cry for fairness and no-nonsense conduct, both at personal and official level. The book provides good readership satisfaction and enrichment of the knowledge of a Himalayan society whereas Rudyard Kipling would put it “facts are stranger than fiction”.
Man From Nepal – Aditya Man Shrestha

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