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Lord Jim – Joseph Conrad (old/rare)


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Lord Jim – Joseph Conrad|

Originally published in serial form between October 1899 and November 1900, Joseph Conrad?s ?Lord Jim? is the story of Jim, a young British Seamen and the first mate of the ?Patna?, a ship full of Muslim pilgrims on a hajj to Mecca. When the ship is damaged and begins to take on water, Jim, along with the Captain and some of the crew abandon the ship and its passengers. Jim?s group and the ?Patna? are rescued separately and the crew?s reprehensible actions and dereliction of duties are made public. Jim, abandoned by the Captain and the rest of the crew, is left alone to face a magistrate?s court over the matter. Stripped of his command and his reputation ruined, Jim is left directionless, going from one job to another, pursued by his guilt and despair. Jim eventually accepts a job on a small, remote island, hopeful that he may finally find peace far away from those who know what he has done. Jim, filled with penitence, seeks to find redemption in kindness and service to his fellow man. Considered by many to be Conrad?s most romantic novel, Jim?s ultimately tragic struggle toward redemption and forgiveness continues to resonant with readers to this day. This edition is printed on premium acid-free paper.

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