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Life’s not Fair but God is Good – Robert H. Schuller


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Life’s not Fair but God is Good – Robert H. Schuller (Old/Bargain)|There’s no doubting that life can be tough and sometimes even seems downright unfair. But Dr. Robert H. Schuller, The world’s premier positive thinker, has great news. Even when life is toughest, even when you’re battling more than your share of disappointments, you can rise above adversity and find new hope and true happiness in your life. In his most uplifting and important book to date Dr. Schuller shows you how to keep your faith in good times and bad. You’ll discover: How to turn disappointments into stepping-stones to success. Five self-esteem boosters that can give you the confidence to turn your dreams into reality. Six easy steps for unlocking the tremendous healing power of prayer. The nine commandments of thankful to restore your positive outlook on life. How to keep your goal in sight, even when obstacles get in the way.. .and much more!

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