Lady Chatterleys Lover (Om Books) – D.H. Lawrence


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?A woman has to live her life, or live to repent not having lived it.”
Lady Chatterley’s Lover, a novel by celebrated English writer D.H. Lawrence, was first published in a limited English-language edition in Italy (1928) and in Paris (1929). In England, an expurgated version was published in 1932. The full text was published in 1959 in New York and in 1960 in London. Following its publication, the novel became the subject of a widely publicised obscenity trial in which Lawrence was accused of using taboo sexual terms. Sons and Lovers tells the story of Constance (Connie) Chatterley who is married to Sir Clifford, a rich landowner who is paralyzed from the waist down. He is a bookish man, absorbed in his reading and in the running of his estate. Connie has an affair with the playwright Michaelis who lets her down. Her passions are then awakened by Oliver Mellors, the estate’s gamekeeper. In his landmark novel, Lawrence exhorts men and women to break free of industrialized society’s constraints and follow the natural course of passion.
Lady Chatterleys Lover (Om Books) – D.H. Lawrence

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