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Kiss Goodbye to – Manesh Pal Mrinmay


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Kiss Goodbye to? – Manesh Pal Mrinmay | If we were to categorise love stories, we would find that they can be placed under two categories ? those with a happy ending and those with a sad one, but just as nothing is either white or black but there is a shade of grey too, similarly some love stories do not have an end because they continue till eternity. When Manas thought he was falling in love with his Angel, he did not even know the meaning of love. Gradually he began to feel something new, something strange and something indefinable. He tried to explain the unexplained, but failed as he felt that he had committed a sin by falling in love with a goddess. He was filled with remorse over his sin and wandered around in search of peace till he came across one whose love story was more tragic than his own and from him he learned what true love meant.

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