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Journey to Tibet – Bishnu Prasad Sharma parajuli


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?Journey to Tibet? is something new, an arduous journey that highlights what is shared by the high mountain cultures of Nepal and Tibet, and what is changing on both sides of the world’s tallest mountains.
-Mark Larsen
He is a talented, wise, hearty and joyful trekker, as I know well from walking beside him. Most of all, he is a Nepali with a profound love for his nation and its culture, who treasures the gift of living in the embrace of a truly mystical beauty, a land of many mountains, the Himalayas.
-Stephen Franklin
Journey to Tibet is a gripping, masterful book, describing the experiences of a Nepali adventurer as he shares the excitement, fascination and compulsion of following previous illustrious travellers to the forbidden lands. He has captured the very essence of Tibet.
-Si?n Pritchard-Jones and Bob Gibbons
Journey to Tibet – Bishnu Prasad Sharma parajuli

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