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It’s Always Been You – Kritika Malhotra


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It’s Always Been You – Kritika Malhotra | Break ups make life messy. The heartache and the hurt, everything saps all your energy. It feels like DEAD END.

MOVE ON… everyone says, BUT is it really that easy?

Public vote says boys play havoc with the emotions of girls.

Perverts. Are They? Or the better questions would be is everyone a pervert? UH..NO

Maully, hit by a torrent of fantasies, longings, yearnings, cravings, reveries, nightmares realizes

O-My-God she s single!

The shallow world never fails to surprise her. Life playing biased dice!

Just when she decides it s time to call it quits, fate starts revealing the concealed pages. She discovers that she is in love, not with one but two guys at the same time. Unbelievable? Is it possible?

Can you have sex with a guy and not be in love with him?

Can you love a guy just because your hormones are on all time high in his vicinity?

As the dilemma haunts her, there is yet more to life, another violent turn in the road.

Is there any way to escape? Is there any way to resist the irresistible?

Dreams are not always the ones seen by the closed eyes. Dreams, Do they ever match up to reality?

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