Gung Ho! – Kenneth Blanchard


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Gung Ho! – Kenneth Blanchard (Old/Bargain) | An invaluable new strategy for creating enthusiastic employees, from the author of the bestselling The One Minute Manager.

Every day thousands of uninspired employees trudge to work ? often dooming their companies to failure with their lack of enthusiasm.

Drawing on over 20 years? experience of working with hundreds of corporations across the US ? including America Online, Eastman Kodak, General Motors, Hershey Chocolate and Microsoft ? Blanchard reveals a surefire strategy for boosting employee enthusiasm, productivity and performance.

Gung Ho! presents a simple system for inspiring employees. Based on three core ideas: work must be seen as important, workers must be put in control of their own production and managers must cheer their workers on ? it is a method that all employees and managers can easily implement and which has already been adopted by such major corporations as K-Mart.

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