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Becky Sidebottom, a recent university graduate lands her first job as a Junior Programme Officer for an international aid organization, named UWILTRI (United World Institution for the Loaning of Technology and Resources Internationally) in an obscure Third World country. Eager to escape from a domineering mother
and possessive boyfriend, the The author
naive Yorkshire lass for the first time in her life has to make her own decisions and think for herself. As an innocent abroad, Becky quickly learns the ropes and gets caught up in a maelstrom of espionage, counter-revolution, romance, pregnancy and tennis matches.
As seen through the eyes of our unlikely heroine, GUESTS IN THIS COUNTRY is a biting spoof of the new colonialization of development aid and how it benefits more the administrators than the poor in a former “one-party democratic” state.
Greta Rana’s humorous but thought provoking novel about the mismanagement of red tape bureaucracies that administer development aid to underdeveloped countries steps on many toes and makes no apologies. Based upon the author’s own first-hand experiences working in various aid agencies in Asia, the story was first conceived in 1983 — well before Graham Hancock’s controversial non-fiction expos? Lords of Poverty was published. Nevertheless, GUESTS IN THIS COUNTRY takes on the same issues — the freewheeling lifestyles, the power and corruption of the multibillion dollar aid business, albeit in satirical vein cloaked in fiction.Guests in the Country a Development Fantasy – Greta Rana

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