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Grihapravesh – Diamond Shumsher Rana


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Grihapravesh – Diamond Shumsher Rana (Ratna Pustak Bhandar) (bestseller) | This book is a beautiful novel based on the history of Nepal. In this novel, the author has mentioned about the political background during the Rana rule in Nepal. The author has written this book focussing mainly in the rise and fall of Bhimsen Thapa and the rise of Jangabahadur Rana in the Nepali politics in ancient history. This novel is not only the image of that era but it also shows the right path for the future too. The author has presented this novel in a realistic way that we feel it as we are in that same era and we are facing those incidents. Similarly, through the characters of this novel, the author has also described about the feeling of love, sorrow, anger, patience, selfishness, courage and many other things. Besides these, the author has also mentioned about the relation shared by a man and a woman and their attraction towards each other. Through some characters, the author also explains about patriotism and the responsibility of a person towards his nation.

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