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Grannys Tales – Ruskin Bond


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You ask anybody who their favourite member of the family is, and their answer will be one of their

grandparents. A grandparent’s capacity for love, the abundance of affection that they hold and share

with abandon, make them the purest and the best people to be with. What is more, they entertain

you with stories of a time past and sometimes, if we are lucky, they partake in crazy activities with

us as witnesses.

In Granny’s Tales, Ruskin Bond takes us through such stories of affection and tenderness, of grandpas being hilarious-fighting ostriches, building zoos in his backyard and tickling tigers. And the wonder that grandmas are-telling bedtime stories with flourish, witnessing us climbing trees for afternoon hilarity and teaching lessons that will help us in all. This book is the perfect dose of grandparent stories, for children and adults alike!
Grannys Tales – Ruskin Bond

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