Getting Through What You’re Going Through – Robert A. Schuller


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Getting Through What You’re Going Through – Robert A. Schuller|Robert A. Schuller offers ten principles to help break down the barriers to healing and help readers “get through” their difficult times. Whether you’re facing divorce, illness, the death of someone you love, a financial setback or any other seemingly insurmountable problem, this book can be the answer to your prayers. Schuller’s ten principles will help you in breaking down barriers to healing, including self-pity, guilt, fear and the inability to forgive. Above all, Getting Through What You Are Going Through proves the healing power of faith and prayer. “To get through what you’re going through, you must be willing to be carried and that takes trusting,” explains Schuller. “Let go and let God support you and your faith will lead you out of the valley into the Promised Land.”

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