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If you’re going to read one psychology book in your lifetime… it should be his one’- Neil Hunter, Amazon review
Fed up of feeling controlled at work?
Feel trapped in a toxic relationship but don’t know how to escape?
Always feel like you lose the argument even if you know deep down you’re right?
Widely recognised as the most original and influential psychology book of our time,Games People Playhas helped millions of people better understand human basic social interactions and relationships.
We play games all the time; relationship games; power games with our bosses and competitive games with our friends. In this book, Berne reveals the secret ploys and manoeuvres that rule our lives and how to combat them. Giving you the keys to unlock the psychology of others and yourself, this classic, entertaining and life-changing book will open up the door to honest communication and teach you how to get the most out of life.

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Eric Berne


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