Friends of my Youth (Rupa) – Ruskin Bond


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?I needed a friend but it was not easy to find one among a horde of rowdy, pea-shooting fourth formers, who carved their names on desks and stuck chewing gum on the class teacher?s chair. Had I grown up with other children, I might have developed a taste for schoolboy anarchy; but, in sharing my father?s loneliness after his separation from my mother, I had turned into a premature adult.?

There is no telling where friendships might be made and how. Friends of My Youth is a collection of short stories by Ruskin Bond on how little and almost seemingly insignificant incidents of life can lead us to the person in whom we may find a companion, a comrade. These are the stories of how unknowingly, at times, friends are found and how they help eliminate our loneliness or become partners in crime in our personal missions. Narrated with utter simplicity, the tales make for a delightful remembrance of the friends made in the early years of life.
Friends of my Youth (Rupa) – Ruskin Bond

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