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Fragile Mountains – MK Limbu


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“Fragile Mountains – A novel about life, love, death and rebellion in the eastern hills of Nepal.”
It is said that all human activities seem futile and insignificant against the backdrop of the mighty Himalayas. Yet, even here, as everywhere else, people have hopes, dreams and aspirations. That’s what keeps them going in this harsh and impoverished but enchantingly beautiful land. A fortunate few get to live their dreams, most don’t. But life goes on, as it must; like the river, twisting and turning, overcoming all obstacles, but always on course to its final destination.
Fragile Mountains is a story of three generations of a family who hope and dream and generally life as it comes until they find themselves trapped in the midst of a bloody Maoist rebellion. It’s also about the tradition and culture of the Limbu people, an ancient and proud race of Mongoloid stock who have made the eastern hills of Nepal their home for countless centuries.
Fragile Mountains – MK Limbu

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