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Forever Incomplete (Old And Rare) – Mahendra Man Singh


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?…because my duty to the martyrs will remain forever incomplete.?
-Ganesh Man Singh
?[This] book is an endeavour which arose out of the need to answer the many questions my children asked of me. I thought it best to put what | know in writing and so present this story of the Kingdom of Nepal which will take the reader through various periods in its long history, beginning from its genesis, unification, attempts at expansion and clashes with imperial powers of the day. The story also covers the tussles for power within the court, the awakening of the people and their attempts for people power.
Every country has its heroes and martyrs who have made singular contributions to their nation at different epochs in its history and whose memory inspires future generations. The sterling achievements, political or sociocultural, of some such people of Nepal who propelled the nation’s existential ethos, have been highlighted.”
(From the Author’s Note and Acknowledgements)
Forever Incomplete (Old And Rare) – Mahendra Man Singh

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