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Foreign Engagement in Nepal and Nepal China Border – Vijay Kant Karan;Arpan Gelal


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With the implementation of the new constitution and institutionalization of democracy, governments at various levels in Nepal are currently engaged in driving the agenda of prosperity. Nepal’s interests in pursuing infrastructure development, connectivity and foreign direct investment have intersected with the strategic interests of great and emerging powers. Geopolitical competition at the international level between great and emerging powers as well as renewed hostilities between India and China has become an additional matter of concern for Nepal as it seeks to pursue development cooperation and projects of connectivity. Engaging in regional connectivity and development cooperation has implications for a country’s strategic and security interests. Nepal needs to develop the capacity to balance its national and strategic interests while pursuing foreign policy, projects of regional connectivity, development cooperation, and foreign-direct investments. This issue of publication primarily engages in analyzing the various dynamics of foreign engagements at federal and provincial levels in Nepal, the interaction between geopolitics and Nepal’s quest for infrastructure development, and recent trends in Nepal-China cross border relations.

Foreign Engagement in Nepal and Nepal China Border – Vijay Kant Karan;Arpan Gelal

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