Facing a Little Volcano – Uday Adhikari


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It will be too early for me to judge what difference my being in Nepal makes. But I have some assumptions. For me, Nepal is the FIRST WORLD, and the rest of the earth the ‘other’ or the ?outside’ world, call it second, third, fourth, or so on, or deconstruct such divisions as they pull on a structuralist hangover, and keep divisive binaries thriving. Economic and military parameters alone should not be allowed to divide the globe into first, second or third world. My first world is my home, my native space, my cultural cradle that shapes my being. And by that token, my being reflects the nuances, characters and value systems of my location. My location shapes the angle, the vantage and the perspective I use to look at the rest of the world, and if that is the case, I need to know where I stand.Facing a Little Volcano – Uday Adhikari


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