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End of the Line (Rare) – Neelesh Mishra

End of the Line – Neelesh Mishra


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End of the Line: The Story of the Killing of the Royals in Nepal takes us to the heart of the events that occurred on the evening of
1 June 2001 at the Narayanhiti Palace in
Kathmandu. On the surface, everything was
normal as the Nepalese royal family and their guests settled down to dinner… But the seeming tranquillity of the evening was deceptive for, by its end, the king and queen, the crown prince, and his younger brother, besides others, would be among the dead and dying. The man held responsible for the carnage was Crown Prince Dipendra, who allegedly murdered his family because they opposed his plans to marry Devyani Rana. Curiously, it emerges that Crown Prince Dipendra and the woman he loved had in fact decided to get married, regardless of parental opposition.
Relying on access to exclusive information, AP correspondent Neelesh Misra pieces together the jigsaw of sometimes
conflicting accounts. A wider national tragedy stands revealed: a nation with one foot in the sixteenth century and the other, uncomfortably, in the twenty-first; and of a king whose grand plans for making that transition a smooth one would, in more ways than one, be brutally thwarted.
End of the Line (Rare) – Neelesh Mishra

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