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DB Hayes Detective (Old And Rare) – Dani Sinclair


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Can you take the heat?
From street-smart kid to respected cop, Killian ?Chili Pepper? Cray had left her old life behind eight years ago and never looked back. But after an attempted murder left her foster father in a coma, Killian was forced to wade through the bitter memories back home and dig up evidence that would bring down the killer. Facing her past had never been easy, but it was reuniting with the man who’d loved and betrayed her that really shook Killian to the core. Stubborn as always, Jack O’Brien insisted on helping her, especially as the threats against Killian’s own life mounted. And before long, the man who’d helped build the walls around Killian’s heart was doing his best to break them down.
DB Hayes Detective (Old And Rare) – Dani Sinclair

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