Chef’s Choice – TJ Alexander


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When Luna O’Shea is unceremoniously fired from her frustrating office job, she tries to count her blessings: she’s a proud trans woman who has plenty of friends, a wonderful roommate, and a good life in New York City. But blessings don’t pay the bills.
Enter Jean-Pierre, a laissez-faire trans man and the heir to a huge culinary empire – which he’ll only inherit if he can jump through the hoops his celebrity-chef grandfather has placed in his path. First hoop: he needs a girlfriend. Second hoop: they both need to learn to cook the family’s world-renowned, elaborate recipes.
Luna’s happy to play the role of devoted girlfriend and chef, for a price. Never mind the fact she’s never even cracked an egg. Or the pesky feelings she’s starting to have for Jean-Pierre…
Chef’s Choice – TJ Alexander

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