Buckwheat In The Land Of Everest (Old And Rare) – Binayak P Rajbhandari


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This monograph is the first book of its kind written on buckwheat and published in Nepal being primarily based on the author’s original research and observations as well as relevant scientific information available in the literature.
This book consists of seven chapters. The first chapter presents some insights on the role and scope of buckwheat in reducing hunger, and improving livelihoods and national economy. Attempt has also been made there to highlight buckwheat research works conducted in Nepal. The second chapter is devoted for the botanical peculiarities including origin, taxonomy and distribution. Description of the species and forms of buckwheat prevalent in Nepal is also included in that chapter. The third chapter deals with the biological characteristics of Nepali buckwheat, while the fourth chapter presents information about agro-ecological peculiarities of common buckwheat. The fifth chapter presents new information about eco-physiology of Nepali buckwheat in relation to altitude and crop geometry; and the sixth chapter presents a comprehensive scientific information about yield formation in common buckwheat in relation to genotype and environment. The last one, i.e. seventh chapter, presents technical information about buckwheat production technology with special reference to Nepal.
Buckwheat In The Land Of Everest (Old And Rare) – Binayak P Rajbhandari

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