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Blurred Politics of Nepal and Transformation – Bishnu Rai

Blurred Politics of Nepal and Transformation – Bishnu Rai


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I would like to congratulate Prof. Dr. Bishnu Rai for spending so much time and effort in writing such an important book. He was born on 5th Nov 1955 in Khotehang Rural Municipality, Chipring-5, Khotang District- Majh Kirat Area of Eastern Nepal.
He was my school student as well as teacher under me. I am so glad to see him so honest and hardworking person till now. The path of his life did not proceed so smoothly. But it was his honesty that he can easily stand in any situation. He has written a book on the current political and social situation of Nepal based on political anthropology. This book will provide a dose for all intellectuals. He is also a contemporary writer of Nepali literature. The ones published till dates are as follows; From the year 2036 to till now there are four collections of stories books and four collections of poems books and Kirat Civilization; Ubhauli Udhauli anthropological studies published. Kirat is ready for folk tales. Two modern song albums have been released. A total of three books on anthropology have been published in English. I wish him all the best in his life long future.
Ganesh Adhikari Ex-headmaster,
Simpani Higher Secondary School, Khotang Ex-Treasurer-Pashupati Bikash Kosh, Kathmandu
Blurred Politics of Nepal and Transformation – Bishnu Rai

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