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Bhay Se Chotkara: Freedom From Fear (Hindi) – Mark Matteson


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Bhay Se Chotkara: Freedom From Fear (Hindi) – Mark Matteson|This book is a must read for anyone feeling stuck by the circumstances they find themselves in and wish to break free from fear and expand their limitations and possibilities. The Meeting of a Lifetime! A rush hour accident on sweltering summer day is usually not a positive experience. But when Steve, depressed & miserable; literally runs into Len on an especially bad day, the stage is for a life changing experience of a first magnitude ? Steve has unwittingly placed himself in the hands of a master motivator and attitude adjuster. As Steve begins to improve his outlook (and his life!), he starts to see the ways in which Len has touched the lives of countless others. Len waits in these pages, and he has a message for you, too. Read Freedom From Fear and let him change your life today.

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