Bards And Mediums – Marie Lecomte Tilouine


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The volume explores the fascinating culture of the central Himalayas, focusing on its rich bardic tradition and its highly institutionalised forms of spirit possession.
It offers a unique set of contributions on the role of mediumism in the social and political oragnisations of various kingdoms in Nepal and India’s western Himalayas.
The history of the Malla Empire (12″-14″ centuries), and of its capital, Dullu, is explored through different forms of History : oral history through the recitation of genealogies and epics in their context of performance; ethno-history through the first investigation on the religious complex of Dullu; finally epigraphy through the studies of a large corpus of Malla inscriptions from Nepal and Uttarakhand
This volume comes with a DVD Rom, which gathers together astonishing possession s?ances, and a virtual visit of Dullu.
Bards and Mediums is a landmark in Himalayan studies, and, no doubt, a major contribution to the understanding of spirit possession.
Bards And Mediums – Marie Lecomte Tilouine


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