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Babu, Aama ra Chora – Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala

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Babu, Aama ra Chora – Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala (bestseller) | Babu Aama ra Chora is famous Nepali Novel of the contemporary literature and this novel is about the three characters, father Mother and Son. The story has twist, and the novel gets hair pin turn and circulates on the family.

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2 reviews for Babu, Aama ra Chora – Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala

  1. Susil Pun Magar (verified)

    Koirala’s Babu, Aama ra Chora is a dark literature. The story is cut into two perspective segments which revolve around the intense triangle relationship between the 3 characters. The perspective of characters makes readers sympathize towards them. The ending of Babu segment leaves the readers in psychological turbulence. The next and last segment of Aama is heart breaking. After finishing the last line, as a reader all I could grasp was “बिचरी उमा “.
    In a nutshell, an exceptional storyline, unique in Nepali Literature. There are few plot holes but a good read.

  2. sabin.chhetri (verified)

    बाबु आमा र चोरा समसामयिक साहित्यको प्रख्यात नेपाली उपन्यास हो र यो उपन्यास बाबु आमा र छोरा तीन पात्रको बारेमा हो। मानव सम्बन्धको मनोविज्ञानको वारेमा बि पी कोइरालाले आफ्नो ढंगबाट लेखेका छन्। बि पी को एकदमै उम्दा कृतिहो यो उपन्यास।

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