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Arniko – Chudamani Bandhu & Krishna Prasad Parajuli


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Arniko – Chudamani Bandhu & Krishna Prasad Parajuli (bestseller) |

Anige, the greatest artist of Nepal and the highest artisan-officer at the court of the Mongol Emperor Khubilai Khan, was born in 1245. According to Chinese sources his legendary life and career over the next sixty years had a lasting artistic and spiritual influence on Asia and on China in particular. The magnitude of his accomplishments rivals those of Brunelleschi, Michelangelo and Leonardo in the west…Anige’s biography is more than a story of a Nepali artist’s gallant adventure and phenomenal success in foreign lands. It is also a story of how Himalayan Buddhist art became an international style.

– Anning Jing

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