Anido Pahadsangai – Parijat

अनिदो पहाडसंगै – पारिजात

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Anido Pahadsangai – Parijat (bestseller) | This is a fiction novel by Parijat.Parijat was a Nepalese writer. Her real name was Bishnu Kumari Waiba (Waiba is a subgroup of Tamang) but she wrote under the pen name Parijat (Parijat is a night-flowering fragrant jasmine flower). Her most acclaimed publication is Shiris Ko Phool (The Blue Mimosa), which has also been adapted in the literature curriculum of some colleges in some English-speaking countries like United States, England etc. Some of the notable universities where Parijat’s Shirish Ko Phool was adopted as curriculum in the University of Maryland, USA.

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1 review for Anido Pahadsangai – Parijat

  1. sabin.chhetri (verified)

    पारिजातले आफ्नो शैलीमा लेखेको उपन्यास हो यो। यो शिरीषको फूल जतिको नभए पनि यसको पढाई पट्यार लाग्दो नहुनेमा म विश्वस्त छु..

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