Among the Tibetans – Isabella Bird Bishop


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This book presents detailed description of the picturesque happy hunting ground of Anglo-Indian sportsman and tourist, the resort of artists and invalids. Author details the route, agricultural village situated at an altitude of 5000 feet. The track, usually bad and sometimes steep and perilous, passes through flower gemmed alpine meadows, along dark gorges above the booming and rushing Sind river. Conditions of monasteries, their built, inhabitants and customs are also delt in detail. The religious atmosphere which pervades Tibet and gives it a singular sense of novelty, the presence of prayer wheel, inscribed cotton bannerets on poles planted in cairns and on the roofs long sticks, to which strips of cotton bearing the universal prayer Aum mani padme hun are attached. The climate and natural features in general and festivals, ceremonies, deities are also covered. The journey through paradise of Upper Kulu and the interesting native states of Mandi, Sukket, Bilaspur and Bhaghat to civilisation of Shimla attracts and enriches readers with details…

Among the Tibetans – Isabella Bird Bishop

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