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Abraham Lincoln – G.R. BENSON (old/rare)


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Abraham Lincoln – G.R. BENSON (Old/Bargain)|Book Summary of Abraham Lincoln About the Author This landmark biography of the greatest President of United States of America documents Lincoln’s rise from backwoods obscurity to the presidency and his role as commander-in-chief during the Civil War. An artful blend of personal and political detail, the book offers an absorbing look at the life and times of the 16th President, and provides a concise examination of factors leading to the Civil War. This biography emphasize analysis, mostly analysis of Lincoln’s personality development and relationships, over detailed lists of facts. Even the military aspects of the civil war are treated in this way, as the outcome of Lincoln’s relationships with his generals, which in turn change as Lincoln’s personality develops. Lord Charnwood was a lawyer, and many of the more salient discussions here are on theoretical questions of constitutional law, often questions which have never been clearly answered. Though many portraits of the 16th President have been published since this first appeared in 1916, this remains one of the best. Table of Contents Preface Boyhood of Lincoln The Growth of the American Nation Lincoln’s Early Career Lincoln in Congress and Inretirement The Rise of Lincoln Secession The Conditions of the War The Opening of the War and Lincoln’s Administration The Disasters of the North Emancipation The Approach of Victory The End Quotations Chronological Table

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