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A Young Wandering Mudlark In Old Kathmandu – Peter J. Karthak


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Set against the backdrop of 1968 to 1972, this riveting autofiction follows the life of John as he navigates the vibrant streets of Kathmandu, leaving behind his roots in Darjeeling. The lead guitarist of The Hillians, dubbed as “the Beatles of Sikkim” by Time magazine, John finds himself transported to Kathmandu, a city yet untouched by the excesses of modernity but embraced by hippies in search of spiritual solace, often found in cannabis and Eastern wisdom. It is within Kathmandu’s tapestry that John forges his new path, initially as a trainee croupier at Casino Kathmandu, the sole licensed gaming establishment between Beirut and Macao, all the while nursing his dreams of becoming a novelist.
Amid this chronicle of self-discovery, readers encounter a colorful array of characters a wispy hippini, sustaining herself on a concoction of vanilla curd and copious amounts of sugar for vitality on a shoestring budget; the eccentric Ranas, seeking thrills within the casino’s dens; American GIs on furlough from the turmoil of the Vietnam War enlivening the narrative.
Through prose that dances with delight, the narrative paints an exquisite portrait of a city poised on the brink of transformation.
A Young Wandering Mudlark In Old Kathmandu – Peter J. Karthak

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