A Search For The Historical Jesus – F. M. Hassnain (old/rare)


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A Search For The Historical Jesus – F. M. Hassnain|Millions of people have been brought up with the idea that Jesus’ life-mission ended with Crucifixion, to redeem our sins. This is becoming an untenable proposition. Professor Hassnain, a leading cross-cultural researcher of the life of Jesus, presents another story. Jesus came to teach the known world, not just the Roman Empire. Professor Hassnain has uncovered manuscripts and evidence to demonstrate that: – The secretive Essene Order raised and protected Jesus; – Jesus’ missing youth was spent in Persia and India; – Many obscured Gospels reveal that Jesus’ work was backed by Essene operations involving far more that twelve male apostles; – Jesus survived the Cross, in an undercover operation which fooled many; – Jesus ministered to Jews in Persia, Afghanistan, India and Central Asia, with Thomas and Simon Peter; – Moses, Jesus and mother Mary, were buried in Kashmir – amongst people of Jewish faith and origins; – The Church in the West, over centuries, has gone to great lengths to remove evidence of this, to strengthen its position as the representative of Christ on earth. Citing many historical sources, Professor Hassnain, himself a Sufi, respectfully questions what we have been taught – and argues that Jesus was a greater man than we realise.

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