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A Dolls House (Fingerprint) – Henrik Ibsen


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“He called me his doll-child, and he played with me just as I used to play with My dolls.” It is Christmas Eve. Nora is happily arranging presents and decorating the Christmas tree in her living room. She has spent eight years in domestic bliss with her husband torvald, who works at a Bank and is now being promoted. Things couldn’t get any better. But this marriage is shadowed by a secret. Nora, the caring, dutiful wife, borrowed money from krogstad, a man of ill repute. The money helped save her sick husband’s life, but he has no idea of what his wife did. And now, krogstad threatens to reveal this secret, because his position at the Bank is being given to someone else. Nora is at a crossroads. Will she try to preserve this secret? Or will the truth finally come to light? Will Nora and torvald’s marriage survive this revelation? A sharp critique of the norms of marriage, a dollar house is a sensational play that made headlines at the time of its publication, and continues to be the greatest work of henrik Ibsen.
A Dolls House (Fingerprint) – Henrik Ibsen

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