24 Ghanta ma Jindagi Badalau – Jim Hartness & Neil Eskelin

२४ घण्टामा जिन्दगी बदलौं– जिम हार्टनेस और नील एस्केलिन


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24 Ghanta ma Jindagi Badalau – Jim Hartness & Neil Eskelin (bestseller) |

The greatest hurdle to change is the first step – the decision to do it. After that, anything is possible. The24-Hour Turn-Aroundchallenges people to spend one hour listening and contemplating each of the book’s 24 short chapters and to make a heartfelt decision to change in the area each chapter addresses. Decisions made in those 24 hours will transform the listener’s career, health, relationships, and overall attitude. Topics include improving self-worth, setting achievable goals, controlling anxiety, winning by quitting, making the most of money, discovering excellence, and more.

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